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At L&L Handcrafted Furniture we create specialty wood crafts. You can purchase our items fully assembled by hand or in a kit, which includes the wood and materials which you assemble and paint.  We focus on creating fine wooden furniture, and whimsical crafts for your home and yard. 

Outdoor Furniture
Indoor Crafts
Yard Crafts
Holiday Crafts
Pet Gifts



We also bake healthy dog and cat snacks which you can find individually or in a useful basket of gifts! Visit us at www.creativepetgifts.com


Have an idea, just E-mail your request to LandL@specialtywoodcrafts.com 

Contact Us:

Liz Papp

PO Box 4035
Camp Connell, California
United States 95223

Phone Number: 650-454-6507

Fax Number: 650-631-0909

Every order is custom made- all sales are final!



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